Potent and selective, GI-restricted adenosine A3 receptor antagonist as first in class oral treatment for IBD. Phase I in healthy volunteers and a POC trial in ulcerative colitis patients have been completed


Potent and selective adenosine A2b receptor antagonist as first in class oral treatment for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and lung cancer. Phase I clinical trials in healthy volunteers has been completed with the compound and a Phase I dose escalation study in lung cancer patients is in progress.


Potent and selective, orally bioavailable adenosine A3 receptor antagonist for the treatment of autoimmune diseases like psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. Phase I studies in healthy volunteers have been completed


Potent, non-BBB permeable, adenosine A1 receptor antagonist as a first in class oral treatment of respiratory diseases as asthma and COPD. The compound has demonstrated excellent safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetic profile in humans following administration of single and multiple ascending doses. A Phase II trial in mild to moderate asthmatics has been completed with positive results. A Phase II clinical trial in moderate to severe COPD patients is in progress.


Potent Phosphodiesterase 10 (PDE-10) inhibitor for the treatment of metabolic diseases like the Prader Willi Syndrome. A Phase II trial in this indication is in progress.


Potent, non-furan containing adenosine A2A receptor antagonist for as novel checkpoint inhibitor for the treatment of solid tumors. The compound has been out-licensed to Novartis through an agreement signed in 2015.